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febrero 1, 2021
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CMS- GC2 Sensor de gas Portable Industrial : Ethyleno, Formaleido

GC  detector is a portable gas leak detector with intrinsic safety ( detector hereinafter ) , continuously monitor gas density. It is applied to monitor  gas density in the air for poor gas or overabound for rescue, and also applied in the surroundings such as underground pipe and mine, to keep the workers safe and avoid damage to equipment. The detector inspects GAS density by natural diffusion and adopts imported electrochemical sensor, having good sensibility and excellent repeatability. The device has embedded micro control technique. Complete function and dependability makes the whole device a leader in the nation.

Ficha Tecnica : 




◆ Range:                  *

◆ Resolution:           1ppm

◆ Response              time: T90<30s

◆ Indication:            Large STN LCD indicates real time and system state

◆ Alarm indication: Wide-angled light emitting diode, 85db buzz(the frequency of

buzz depends the density),vibrating.

◆ Fault indication:   indications of Zero point drift and sensor failure.

◆ Operating temperature: -30 ~ + 50 degree

◆ Humidity:             < 95%RH non-condensing

◆ Voltage:                DC3.7V Li-ion battery 1200mAh

◆ Charging time:     4h~6h

◆ Duration of operation: flammable gas ≮ 8 (non-stopped); toxic gas ≮ 300h(non-stopped).

◆ IP Grade:              IP66.

◆ Weight:                 about 120g(including battery)

◆ Dimension:           102 mm×56mm×26mm.


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